The Basics of BASIX

01 Aug 2018

Introduced in 2004, The Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) aims to deliver equitable, effective water and greenhouse gas reductions across the state. BASIX applies to all residential dwelling types and is part of the development application process in NSW. BASIX reduces water and energy consumption in homes across NSW. These environmental outcomes also provide a long term financial saving for the homeowner – and a valuable contribution to the sustainable future of our communities. When designing your home, your…

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Tesla Powerwall, is it worth it?

07 Jun 2018

It’s fair to say we were a little excited to be the first to install the Tesla Powerwall 2 in the Dubbo area when we opened the Greenmark Homes display back in January. So how does it stack up? Before we get into that, we’ll fill you in on exactly what it does… The Tesla Battery is an add on to your solar panels and the next step to an energy efficient, self-powered home. During the day,…

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Grand Opening Celebrations!

11 Apr 2018

Lucky door prizes, giveaways, celebrities… It was all happening and we had a blast! Thank you to Astley’s Plumbing & Hardware, Carpet One Dubbo & Bunnings Warehouse for kindly donating some fantastic prizes for us to giveaway. Check out the prize drawing video on facebook for the lucky winners!

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Our top tips when buying a block of land

11 Dec 2017

Buying a block of land? Check out our top tips to help you in the decision making process: Check convenants including minimum size of house, external fascade requirements and setback requirements; Orientation? Ideal orientation is south north orientation, so entertaining area is facing north; Confirm zoning of your block and surrounding land zones. You could be building next to a medium density block (i.e units); Check if anything is being developed on northern side of your block, ideally you don’t want…

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Indoor Plants – They’re not just for show!

17 Oct 2017

Scroll through any Interior Designers Instagram feed and its clear that Indoor Plants play a prominent part in the styling of a room and make it feel homely and welcoming. But they aren’t just for show. Studies have shown that plants in homes can improve air quality, reduce stress, promote better sleep, reduce allergies and many other health benefits. But that’s not all. Indoor plants can also help reduce the demand for artificial air conditioning. That’s right!!…

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Ceiling fans

Ceiling Fans: Keep cool and save money

12 Oct 2017

Ceiling fans lower energy costs and can reduce your electricity bill by up to 30 to 40 percent! While a ceiling fan won’t actually decrease the temperature of a room, the air flow makes the room feel cooler by up to 5 degrees and therefore much more comfortable to be in. You can greatly reduce the need to switch the air conditioning on by installing fans in living areas as well as bedrooms but using ceiling fans…

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Let’s talk roof colour…

22 Sep 2017

Which roof colour you choose can make a big difference to the overall comfort of your home. Light coloured roofs can reflect up to 70% of summer heat gain. According to, this is around 50% more than a dark roof. According to Dulux, this has the potential to reduce rooftop surface temperatures by as much as 20–35°C. After reflecting the sun’s heat away from the building, the measure of how much leftover heat has been absorbed…

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Firstly, Orientation

07 Sep 2017

Drive around any of the new estates in Dubbo and its clear we are in a period of rapid growth. More and more houses are being built and these homes are not just getting larger but being filled with more and more appliances that make our fast-paced lives easier to manage. We are using more energy as a society but we are now more conscious of it and conscious of the environment we live in. Yes, we…

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New Display Home Opening Soon!

10 Aug 2017

Greenmark Homes are excited to be opening the doors on their very first display home in 2017. Our mission is to enable, and inspire people to live sustainably in their homes by guiding you with sustainable design principles that add value to your home and reduce its environmental impact. At Greenmark Homes, we will show you how to design a comfortable home with low impact on the environment, that is economical to run and healthier to live…

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