What is a Building Proposal and how is it different from an estimate?

b5-Building Proposal

An estimate is just that: a guess of the total cost of the work to complete the project and if you get an estimate from a builder, this is usually worked out by a ‘per square metre’ rate, regardless of what type of finish you actually want in your home.

Building your dream home is an exciting journey and one that you might only take once so you want to make sure every aspect of your home goes to plan. For most of us, top of that list is ensuring you stick to the budget you have allowed for and can afford.

Most builders will give you the minimum rate for which they can build your new home, and once you’ve signed a contract with them, you’ll get hit with ‘extra costs’ for anything out of the ordinary. This is okay if you are going for one of their plans, which they have built many times before but what if you are looking for a custom home?

Enter, the Building Proposal. At Greenmark Homes, we take the time to go through your proposed project with a fine tooth comb and ensure that everything that you have asked for is included. We’ll provide you with a detailed Building Proposal that includes all fees and expenses necessary for completing your project. It is generally 20-30 pages long and has all the line-items with detailed descriptions of each item in order to provide transparency about everything involved in getting your project finished to the standard you expect. No nasty surprises and no disappointment at the end of the project, just the excitement of moving into your beautiful new home!

Thinking of building? At Greenmark Homes we approach every new home build with a customised solution. Our team of experts are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us here or fill out our questionnaire and we will be in touch!


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