Ceiling Fans: Keep cool and save money

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans lower energy costs and can reduce your electricity bill by up to 30 to 40 percent!
While a ceiling fan won’t actually decrease the temperature of a room, the air flow makes the room feel cooler by up to 5 degrees and therefore much more comfortable to be in. You can greatly reduce the need to switch the air conditioning on by installing fans in living areas as well as bedrooms but using ceiling fans can actually help your air conditioning system by moving the cool air that it produces around your room, therefore it will run more efficiently and cost less to run.

And don’t forget, in winter you can switch your fan to reverse and it will push the warm air down from the ceiling without creating a draft.

Size does matter
With any ceiling fan, the goal is to move more air—measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM)—with less effort, or fewer revolutions per minute. For example, a fan that’s 36 to 42 inches in diameter might have a top speed of 300 rpm; a 52-inch fan moves the same amount of air at 220 rpm, therefore a larger fan will require less energy to move the air around.

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