Firstly, Orientation

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Drive around any of the new estates in Dubbo and its clear we are in a period of rapid growth. More and more houses are being built and these homes are not just getting larger but being filled with more and more appliances that make our fast-paced lives easier to manage. We are using more energy as a society but we are now more conscious of it and conscious of the environment we live in.
Yes, we want to protect the environment for our children’s future, but we also want to live comfortably in the environment we live in without it costing us our first born’s university fund.
Living comfortably in an environment such as Dubbo (with it’s hot summers and cold winters) with minimal impact to the environment and to the hip-pocket doesn’t need to be a difficult. By taking the time to during the planning stage of building a home we CAN have it all! A beautiful, comfortable, home that doesn’t cost the earth (financially and environmentally) to run.
So, what is the first thing to consider when planning your new home? Orientation.
Take advantage of the north to maximise the natural light of your home and consider where the hot, harsh, summer afternoon sun will fall. Create shade with walls and trees to protect the western side of the home and you will greatly reduce the energy required to cool these areas in summer. Think about Winter and positioning windows so that the beautiful morning sun can warm the room you will be spending most of your time in. Take into consideration the direction of breezes, capture them and drag them through your home on a gorgeous spring day. Do these things and the impact on the environment and your wallet will be greatly reduced while your home will be so comfortable you will never want to leave!

At Greenmark Homes, we will show you how to design a comfortable home with low impact on the environment, that is economical to run and healthier to live in. Our mission is to enable and inspire people to live sustainably in their homes. For more information contact Sarah or John on 6885 3055.


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