Our top tips when buying a block of land

Allat Block crop

Buying a block of land? Check out our top tips to help you in the decision making process:

Check convenants including minimum size of house, external fascade requirements and setback requirements;

Orientation? Ideal orientation is south north orientation, so entertaining area is facing north;

Confirm zoning of your block and surrounding land zones. You could be building next to a medium density block (i.e units);

Check if anything is being developed on northern side of your block, ideally you don’t want a double storey residence, or anything that can shade your northern elevation;

Confirm if the subdivision has been approved and is ready to build on and if not, when will it be ready;

Check if there are any easements and if so what are the restrictions in terms of the location of your home. Also the slab may require piers if to close to easement;

Ideally undertake a soil test before purchasing – reactive soil or fill can add significant costs; and

We recommend that you organise an identification survey -to identify location of existing services and also contours of your land as additional cut and fill could add significant costs


If you are looking for a block of land we have access to many of the local estates in Dubbo including Southlakes, Keswick on the Park and Magnolia Estate.

Our mission at Greenmark Homes is to enable and inspire people to live sustainably in their homes. We will show you how to design a comfortable home with low impact on the environment, that is economical to run and healthier to live in. For more information contact Sarah or John on 6885 3055.


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