Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design

Designing your new home to take advantage of natural heating and cooling can increase comfort and use less energy. Living comfortably in an environment such as Dubbo (with it’s hot summers and cold winters) with minimal impact to the environment and to the hip-pocket doesn’t need to be a difficult. By taking the time to during the planning stage of building a home and incorporating sustainable design principles, we CAN have it all! A beautiful, comfortable, home that doesn’t cost the earth (financially and environmentally) to run.

Living in an energy efficient home can actually be more beneficial than you might think. It requires some extra planning in the initial design stages, but, could end up being one of the best decisions that you’ll ever make for yourself and your family!

At Greenmark Homes we have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve the most energy efficient design for your block of land. We are Dubbo’s local custom home builder specialising in the design and construction of sustainable homes. Our mission is to empower people to build sustainable homes that are affordable to build, more comfortable and healthier to live in, and with a low impact on the environment.

We will show you how to design a comfortable home that is economical to run and healthier to live in. Our mission is to enable and inspire people to live sustainably in their homes.

For more information, visit our award winning display home at 32 Azure Avenue, Southlakes Estate Dubbo or contact us here

Want to know more about sustainable design and what can be achieved? Your Home by the Australian Government, in partnership with the building and design industry, aims to give comprehensive, expert and independent advice to everyone interested in building homes for a sustainable future. Check out the website at


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