Tesla Powerwall, is it worth it?

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It’s fair to say we were a little excited to be the first to install the Tesla Powerwall 2 in the Dubbo area when we opened the Greenmark Homes display back in January. So how does it stack up?

Before we get into that, we’ll fill you in on exactly what it does…

The Tesla Battery is an add on to your solar panels and the next step to an energy efficient, self-powered home.

During the day, solar panels may produce more energy than your home uses, particularly if the household is at work or at school for the majority of the day. The Powerwall stores that excess solar energy and makes it available on demand, even after the sun has set.

Through the Tesla app, you can see a live view of the energy your home is producing and using all at once. Watching the flow of electricity between the solar panels, battery, house and grid is quite mesmerizing and we have to admit we had a little fun watching the changes as we turned everything we could on and off!

Given that our display home isn’t occupied at night, we don’t get a true picture of how the average home would utilise the system, but we can most certainly see the huge potential in cost savings and value in investing in a system such as this.

Choice have conducted an independent case study which you can read here and reported a massive 90% saving on energy bills, now that’s impressive!

Greenmark Homes are dedicated to building energy efficient homes designed for comfort all year round. If you are thinking of building, give us a call on 6882 5453, visit our display home at 32 Azure Avenue, Dubbo or our website www.greenmarkhomes.com.au and you too could be coming home to a Greenmark Home.


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